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Energy Efficient Pool Heaters Help to Extend the Swimming Season

While heat pumps are super-efficient at maintaining pool temperatures, they tend to have a long lead time that is required to bring the water to a comfortable temperature, and they don't perform well in cold climates. Because gas heaters heat the pool faster, they can be turned off to save energy when the pool's not in use. When it's pool time again, the gas heater can quickly bring the water up to temperature. Propane and natural gas heaters are speedier because they have a much higher output than heat pumps — 400,000 Btus is a traditional residential-size propane or gas heater, while the biggest electric heaters are just over 100,000 Btus. That means it takes roughly four times as long to

NEW Grill Bottle Exchange Locations

In an effort to always serve our customers better, we are partnering with local businesses to provide grill bottle exchange or refill stations. Here are our current locations: - MCP Pryor Office, 4655 West Hwy 20, Pryor, OK 74361 - MCP Wagoner Office, 303 West Cherokee, Wagoner, OK 74467 - Pryor Lumber, 1031 W Graham Ave, Pryor, OK 74361 - Okie Dokie Convenient Store, 711 E Graham Ave, Pryor, OK 74361 - COMING SOON! Survivor Shelters, 24555 S. Highway 66Claremore, OK 74019 #grill #exchange #locations

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Pryor Office

4655 West Hwy 20

Pryor, Ok 74361

T: (918) 825-2433

Wagoner Office

303 West Cherokee

Wagoner, Ok 74467

T: (918) 485-3416